Bradleys Wellness Program is dedicated to providing employees many resources to obtain optimal health. The company believes minds, bodies and spirits at their personal best foster exceptional service and productivity among our employees for the benefit of our customers.

The Bradleys Wellness Program offers activities year round. Bradleys is the only industrial company in the Coastal Bend with a complete on-site gym and full time personal trainer. The Wellness Director works with employees on their fitness and health goals, and structuring personal training and programs to achieve those goals. Equipment ranges from free weights to sophisticated, commercial grade gym equipment and machines.

The company has a softball team and multiple Beach to Bay Marathon, Run Amuck 5K Race and Conquer The Coast Bicycling teams and participants each year. Bradleys also has an intramural softall league which practices year round.

Bradleys Wellness Program has implemented the Biggest Loser contest. Staff and family members work as a team to meet a weight loss challenge for a year. Teams who have achieved the highest percentage of weight loss are rewarded at the halfway point during Bradleys Weekend Beach Retreat in the summer; winning teams receive awards at the company’s Christmas party.

Bradleys has a 100 foot long Zen Garden in which organic produce is grown. A variety of herbs, fruits, and vegetables are grown in the Zen Garden, and nurtured by staff. Produce is used regularly for meals cooked in the Bradleys kitchen for staff luncheons, special events and more.

Bradleys Wellness Program was created to ensure that employees enjoy the benefits of good health to optimize their productivity and performance. Bradleys commitment to provide quality service and products to customers is enhanced by promoting a healthy working culture among employees.