Located on the beautiful Gulf Coast of Texas, Bradleys new facility offers state of the art equipment, continuing education and training, excellent benefits and competitive compensation. We are quickly expanding; and accepting applications for all positions.

Bradleys is South Texas’ largest industrial motor repair and load testing shop, recognized internationally as an industry leader in large electric motor repair, rewinding and horizontal and vertical load testing, employing a dedicated, professional staff. The company is committed to assisting employees in developing their skills and career paths. Bradleys is a mature organization where quality is of the utmost importance. The company follows the guidelines and structures set forth by its ISO 9001:2015 certification.

The company provides staff with an on-site fully equipped gym and many company-sponsored events for the entire family, company-sponsored sports and the “Smokin’ Motors BBQ” teams, a Zen Garden in which our employees grow produce and herbs for their own consumption, and much more. Two on-site major company events are held, the Bradleys Summer Beach Bash and the Annual Christmas Party. Both are held onsite at area resorts.

Bradleys is proud of its track record of creating opportunities for women, minorities and Military Veterans. The company partners with the U.S. Navy Region South's Transition Assistance Program and the USO to offer employment to separating or retiring personnel. Bradleys is a part of the 100,000 Jobs Mission, and its workforce is over 85% Hispanic. The company employs and actively recruits women in senior management and roles traditionally held by males. From Project Coordinators to Safety Managers, we are proud to offer opportunity to women in all positions.

Professional Development for all employees is emphasized. Bradleys Training Department develops and manages the technical training for employees and private consultants supplement Bradleys in-house training program. The company believes that an employee controls his career path within the organization, and in giving its staff the skills to lead and teach.

Giving back to the community is an important part of Bradleys corporate culture. The management team and workforce actively participate in several community events to benefit non-profit organizations and the physical health of our employees, such as the annual Beach to Bay Marathon, Run Amuck 5K Race, and Conquer the Coast Cycling Event, among others.

Bradleys softball team competes to raise funds for charitable organizations. We support the arts community with contributions to local museums and cultural centers.

Daniel Rodriguez's son. Growing up to be the Winding Department Supervisor takes a lot of training so we have to start them young.

Here's Ben jammin' in his Bradley's Hat

Corpus Christi Hooks and Bradley's....a winning combination!

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Bradleys Beach To Bay Marathon Race Team 2019!
A long race from Padre Island to Downtown Corpus Christi, our smokin’ hot team relay races with the best of them!