Quality Control

Bradleys Project Coordinator preparing daily report for customer
Bradleys Quality Control Project Manager inspects motor for adherence to company quality checklist
Bradleys Supervisor inspecting electric motor after repair before shipping
Quality Control is not just an objective; it’s the way Bradleys’ does business. Quality Control Procedures have long been a major part of our culture and commitment to our customers. This commitment has earned Bradleys’ ISO 9001:2015 Certification. Each and every process performed on your motor is documented and inspected by a Quality Control Supervisor.

Our Quality Control Policy

Bradleys Inc. is committed to exceeding customer expectations by providing superior customer service, and quality products and services through active employee participation, safety, innovation, and constantly improving our Quality Management System.

We will achieve this goal by conforming to the following:

1. Ensuring quality is everyone’s focus and all our employees are responsible for performing their work to meet our quality objectives.
2. Developing and maintaining a company‐wide culture of continuous improvement with regard to Quality, Safety, and the Environment.
3. Developing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with customers and suppliers.
4. Provide quality products and services in a cost effective and efficient manner.
5. Delivering on time quality products.
6. Adopting and maintaining a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 that established internationally recognized quality standards and industry accepted practices.

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Quality Control Procedures include, but not limited to:
  • Adherence to Customer Specification Sheets
    • Initial findings
    • Electrical Test Results
    • Vibration Readings
    • As Found/As Left Measurements
    • Photos of Tear Down, Assembly Process, Final Paint before shipment
  • RTJ Grooves
  • Periodic inspections throughout the assembly process
  • Documentation for all electrical tests/Vibration Data and measurements taken
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis
  • Warranty with Repairs
  • On/Off Site Technical Support
Bradleys Project Coordinator speaks to client about his electric motor
Bradleys Project Coordinator speaks to client about his electric motor