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Vertical Motor Load Testing

Photo of a Vertical Motor on Bradleys Vertical Load Test Stand

Vertical Motor Load Testing in Bradleys’ World Class Facility! Avoid the expense of installation and startup delays by load testing your recently repaired critical motor to identify performance or site related issues. Load testing enables us to identify reliability issues before your motor is stored in a warehouse for many years, and validates the design of your repurposed motor. At Bradleys, vertical motor load testing is performed with your vertical motor in the upright position.

Two Separate Vertical Load Test Stands Accommodate Both Hollow and Solid Shafts:
  • Motors 0-1200 rpm up to 4500 HP, 34,000 lbf ft of torque, motors weighing up to 75,000 lbs or more.
  • Motors 0-3600 rpm up to 2250 HP, 8,000 lbf ft of torque, motors weighing up to 15,000 lbs or more.

These stands are designed with vibration monitoring in mind.

Vertical Load testing Flyer

Performance Parameters Monitored & Recorded in Real Time:
  • Power (KW, KVA, Volts, Amps, Power Factor, Efficiency)
  • Temperature (6 Stator, 2 Bearing, 2 Ambient, Cooling Water)
  • Speed, Torque, Vibration & other data points
  • Data Collection includes 100 samples per second recording of speed, current, voltage and torque creates high resolution speed vs. current and torque curves.
  • VFD and Motor String Test up to 13.2 kV

Bradleys state of the art load testing facility includes a comfortable observation room where you may monitor your load test, or choose to monitor from the comfort of your office via the web. See why the nation’s largest firms choose Bradleys to ensure their critical motors are reliable and functioning at peak performance!

Test and Enchance the Performance of Your Vertical Motor!
Complete and email us the QMS3-F206 Load Test Questionnaire
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