Global VPI: Polyester & Epoxy Resins All in One Shop!

Bradleys is proud to offer both 220⁰ C Polyester Resin for Global VPI and 15KV Epoxy Resin for Global VPI at our Gregory Texas Facility. Both Resins are tested and maintained to meet all quality specifications for optimal penetration and insulation properties.

Quality: Re-Imagined.

Services Include

  • 12’ and 8’ diameter Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) Systems
  • 15KV Rewinds w/Class H Epoxy
  • Climate-controlled winding area
  • 3 temperature controlled Burnout Ovens up to 4000ft3, 50 ton “oven” capacity; calibrated digital & graph recordings and multiple alarm settings. Approved for nuclear motor stators.
  • Single lift capacity with our 100 ton bridge crane
  • Traction DC Motor Rewinds with Polyester Resin for the oilfield & locomotive industries
  • Re-engineering, redesign and remanufacturing of electric motors
  • Real Time Monitoring of your electric motor repair with Bradleys’ QM Wizard
  • Highly skilled, predictable workforce and well-documented ISO quality program rivaling the American aviation industry.